About Carrerra Design & Renovation

Carrerra Design & Renovation was founded after many years of working in the construction and renovation industry. Working together side by side across Canada, we saw a gap and lack of transparency in the market.
Learning from past experiences both professional and personal, we knew that we could bring our own vision to life. Starting a company with these ambitions is never easy, but we were determined to make our dream a reality. With hard work and dedication, we followed our dreams and continue to do so to this day.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a leading renovation, design, and full service construction company. We aim to keep costs down with a carefully constructed budget that avoids unnecessary expenses to our clients, while delivering quality and refined workmanship. Our commitment to changing the renovation experience by being transparent, maintaining ethical standards, and fueling our passion for superb craftsmanship remains at the forefront each and every day.

As a Canadian operated family-run business, we want to provide unparalleled service and hope to build long lasting relationships throughout our community. We are committed to maintaining the utmost integrity, quality, and value for your project. Every project is as unique and different as each of our clients. We aim to guide you through the entire renovation process, all the while eliminating concerns and achieving results that exceed the expectations of any client’s desires

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