Basement 2.0 Solution

Basement 2.0 Solution

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Basement 2.0 Solution

So you’ve decided to renovate your basement - that’s exciting! We can list many reasons why this will pay off, including the addition of more living space and increased home value. A great option for your renovation is our Basement 2.0 solution.

We have developed a template that guides you as you execute your basement renovation. Basically, you will do the renovation yourself, but with our guidance. This way, you can avoid making mistakes that will only surface at inspection, at which stage they will be costly to correct.

Basement 2.0 Solution

What is the real benefit?

If you have harboured a desire to complete an important home renovation project on your own, save some money, and put your own touch to your basement, then the Basement 2.0 is for you! It is your best chance to scratch that off your bucket list, with reinforcement from a reputable basement contractor to ensure you are successful.

In our honest opinion, this is the only way you can accomplish such a complex project on your own. We have done these renovations for clients who want to complete a basement on a budget. Basically, this is a DIY project that has the best chances of success.

Most importantly, the Basement 2.0 Solution will save you money. So if you have some project management or building skills and you are on a tight budget, this is for you.

Basement 2.0 Solution

What Type of Basement Renovation Fits the Basement 2.0 Solution?

Every basement renovation is unique. So the Basement 2.0 Solution is designed with this in mind. While we have a template for the solution, we draw specific plans for each renovation using the feedback we gather in the initial consultation. We also have dedicated project managers who you can call on for guidance when you run into challenges.

Your basement could simply be unfinished, or it may not be in a habitable state because of leaky plumbing and other poor waterproofing issues. In other cases, the challenge you are dealing with could be inconveniently positioned posts, beams that hang too low, or other design flaws.

We know this because virtually every basement renovation presents unique challenges. It is this experience we use to develop distinctive plans for each Basement 2.0 renovation.

Here is the specific process for the Basement 2.0 renovation:

Basement 2.0 Solution Process

After the initial consultation, we believe you will have everything you need to start the renovation. While some projects may follow slightly different milestones, the following typically apply.


In very few cases, basements tend to have cracks in the foundation and the perimeter walls. If that's the case, we will take care of all waterproofing that needs to be done prior to starting your basement renovation project.


We recommend using commercial-grade steel framing throughout your basement. We use furring channels on the ceilings for high-level soundproofing. Insulation creates an air seal in your basement that prevents heat loss and lowers your heating costs.


We are meticulous when it comes to framing your bulkheads for aesthetic appeal. We want to make sure your walls are framed securely before the plumbing rough-ins and drywall installation are completed.


Our plumbers will do all the plumbing rough-ins including the three-piece washroom (toilet, vanity, and shower/tub), as well as wet bar/kitchen plumbing rough-ins. All of our plumbers are licensed professionals.

Electrical fittings

Before you install all the utilities that run on electrical power, like the HVAC, lighting, and entertainment systems, you will need to check whether all the wiring meets the regulations set by the Electrical Standards Authority of the Province of Ontario.
Our master electrician will run all the switches, outlets, pot lights and any other electrical fixtures/fittings that may be needed for the basement. Upon completion, you will receive the ESA certificate.

Basement 2.0 Solution

What Do You Need To Do?

Here is what you will need to do yourself:
  • priming and painting,
  • flooring,
  • bathroom finishings,
  • trim, carpentry and door installations.

Your comfort and safety are very important to us. As such, the Basement 2.0 Solution prioritizes your basement’s structural integrity over any aesthetic considerations. We will advise and help you arrange the ESA evaluation.

If you intend to rent out the basement as a secondary accommodation, the law requires there to be a second form of egress. You will be glad to know that we have specialzed skills in window and door installeration in Toronto.

As part of the Basement 2.0 Solution, we can advise on window and door selection and placement, giving you the best chances of creating the most comfortable, livable basement space.

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Take the stress out of your DIY basement renovation project

The challenge with basements is that unless they were designed into the original house plan, turning it into a fully functional living space can be challenging, - especially for DIYers. Because of this, there are many possible obstacles you need to keep in mind.

Thankfully many of the obstacles you can encounter during a DIY basement renovation can be avoided by seeking the guidance of an experienced basement contractor. This, in a nutshell, is what the Basement 2.0 Solution is about - giving you all the guidance you need to execute a successful DIY basement renovation.

When you are ready to start your DIY basement renovation, hit the button below to book a consultation.