Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Our qualified team and abundant experience gives us the confidence to stand behind our work, and guarantee that your basement renovation will finish on time and ace the building code evaluation.

Basement Renovations

A basement renovation has the potential to significantly boost your home’s value. Depending on the scope of the renovation, it could allow you to add a bedroom, which unlocks more living space for your family.

Improving the lighting and plumbing, with a bit of refinishing work on the walls and floors, will make the basement a more livable space that you can repurpose into a home cinema, home gym, or office.

Adding a second point of entry, reconfiguring the space with a new bedroom, and adding a kitchenette and bathroom will transform the basement into an apartment that you can rent out in order to earn extra income.

Basement Renovations

Why a basement renovation makes perfect financial sense

The worry with many home improvement projects is whether they will have a positive financial return. As a homeowner, you want to know if you will be able to recoup your basement renovation cost when you eventually decide to sell your house.

In terms of ROI, basement renovations in Toronto will more than justify their expense. With the right design choices, finishes, and good project execution, your basement renovation can score as high as 75% in ROI terms.

Whether you have the immediate goal to sell your property or will look to upgrade or downsize at some point in the future, renovating your basement can add as much as 12%(to match 75% ROI) to the property’s market value. This makes it a top renovation project that will more than pay for itself.

Make no mistake though, there is a lot that can go wrong with a basement renovation, including:

  • Neglecting to check the building code, which raises basement safety concerns
  • Moisture and flooding issues, which will cause significant damage that will be costly to rectify
  • Improper insulation installation, which causes heat loss, leading to exceedingly high heating costs

For all these reasons, the need to work with a knowledgeable and experienced basement renovations contractor cannot be over-emphasized.

Basement Renovations

The Carrerra Design & Renovation Basement advantage

We need to make the point that basement renovation is highly complex work that should not be attempted without the right skills and experience.

Not only are basement remodelling mistakes costly to fix, but because you are working with your home’s foundation, you could seriously compromise its structural integrity.

Also, the construction techniques are different. There is highly technical waterproofing and insulation work that could seriously ruin the basement renovation if not done right.

To put it simply, a basement renovation is too much work for a DIYer or an inexperienced contractor. This is why hiring an experienced, licensed, and fully-bonded basement contractor from the get-go is wise.

With Carrerra Design & Renovation, you get peace of mind because you will know that the basement will follow a specific pre-agreed design that will be executed flawlessly. We know this because we are veterans of construction that later decided to specialize in basements, as well as windows and doors. This has helped us bring a more tailored experience and value to client projects.

Why working with Carrerra Design & Renovation is a smart choice

Our extensive experience renovating basements in Toronto has taught us many lessons. By choosing to work with us, you will be avoiding the mistakes an inexperienced contractor will inevitably make.
Here’s specifically how Carrerra Design & Renovation will help save you money and create a basement that your family will enjoy:

  • Moisture is your worst enemy in a basement. We will professionally waterproof the basement so that it will stay dry with each passing season.
  • Even when you don’t have much to spend on the basement renovation, we will guide your design and material choices so that the basement is functional and has flair.
  • Since you have more decorating freedom in your basement, we will use our experience to help you make yours a true reflection of your style.

Ready to finally get the basement space of your dreams?

Most importantly, no matter how chic and modern you feel your new basement is, it has to pass building code evaluation. Otherwise, the local municipality will force you to redo some or all of the work. At Carrerra Design & Renovation, we make sure to always abide by the building code from the point we break ground to the big reveal of your new basement.

The experience we have gained over the years by completing other basement renovation projects in Toronto is the advantage you can leverage to create your own beautiful, functional basement.

Our qualified team and abundant experience gives us the confidence to stand behind our work, and guarantee that your basement renovation will finish on time and ace the building code evaluation.